Denver Chiropractic For Scoliosis & Low Back Pain Treatment

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the line formed along the vertebrae of the spine, instead of being straight has a shape of S or C. It is often detected in girls between 8 and 18 years, though it can occur at any age.

  • In 70% of cases, the cause is unknown, also named as idiopathic scoliosis.
  • 10% is congenital birth – malformation of a vertebra.
  • In 20% it appears as an effect of neuromuscular problems – poor posture “scoliotic attitude.”


The parents on the alert may notice a higher shoulder or hip and clothing does not fit well. There may be backaches or leg pain and difficulty to have a correct posture that is overlooked as merely “growing pains.” If allowed to progress, scoliosis may be getting worse, deforms the spine and can affect vital organs, lungs, heart.

Traditional solutions for scoliosis:

So far, the classic orthopedic medicine holds to correct the curvature of the spine, resulting from scoliosis, corsets and exercises are needed. The results of this treatment have proven ineffective!

Physiotherapy, hospital intensive rehabilitation or associated training programs also seem few effective.

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And, as a last resort, traditional orthopedic surgery commitment with an operation that is to set the column with steel bars, to leave straight but still.

We must consider the aggressiveness of these methods, which force the body with the introduction of elements inside!

In addition to leaving the fixed column, these solutions greatly affect mentally children or teenagers, worsening their quality of life.

Who wants to, or can, spend 23 hours a day engaged in a corset, or with a steel bar in the back that prevents you from moving, play sports or participate in social activities?

Denver Chiropractic For Scoliosis:

Scoliosis causes both physical and emotional pain. Chiropractic care allows re-stabilize motion and correct position of the spine and relieves back pain associated with scoliosis. Making very precise adjustments in the area of the spine that is affected by scoliosis, chiropractic reduces pressure on the nerves and muscles.


At Denver Chiropractors Center, every Doctor has a complete training and knowledge of the spine and nerves also is eminently qualified to perform full tests back then do the treatment of scoliosis. We also offer a free information session.

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Why diet?

weight lose breakfasts

This is a question which more people have been asking over the past several years. The reason for its popularity lies in the rising awareness among individuals about the health problems associated with obesity and being overweight. People usually question the benefits of dieting and whether it is actually more beneficial than methods such as exercising, surgeries and medication for weight loss. All the above mentioned methods are known to help the weight-loss process but the question that is raised here is whether dieting is better than the others. Let’s just compare all the methodologies used in weight-loss.

Dieting is the process where an individual cuts down on his calorie intake in order to reach their target weight and also to lose extra body fat. The advantage of dieting is that it is a natural method and has absolutely no side effects if it is done safely and properly. The disadvantages of dieting would be the fact that it is a time consuming method and changes are observed only after weeks and months of dieting.

Any kind of activity that causes physical exertion on one’s body can be termed as exercise; it can be anything from playing sports to dancing or working. Exercise doesn’t require too much planning neither does it require much discipline. The advantages of exercising for weight loss can be that it is an economical method, doesn’t require much planning and is easily executable. The disadvantage is that it requires a person to be fairly physically healthy and cannot be performed by individuals who are old or handicapped.

Doctors and surgeons usually perform weight-reduction surgeries only on those patients who have a B.M.I above 30. In such cases, the patients are suffering from extreme obesity which poses a threat to their health. The advantage of surgery is that it is extremely effective in terms of weight-reduction; however it does have severe side effects and pose a risk to health.

Medication for weight loss is a high risk way to lose weight as many pills sold are not regulated or approved by the proper authorities.

The best method to go about for weight-loss is dieting with exercising at the same time as the combo of the two has the ability to speed up the process. Undergoing a proper diet, along with following a well designed workout plan, can assist an individual lose weight fast and also acquire a well toned body.

Maintaing your body to fitness is a life long journey/commitment

motivated during weight lose

People often fall into the temptation to use fast weight loss diets. They believe that they can just fast for a few weeks to achieve that sexy figure and can keep it throughout their life. The reality is quite different as most of the times quick weight loss results in decreased muscle mass instead of fats and once you stop your weight loss diet the weight returns. There is no way that your body can become the perfect shape with some sort of magic diet. If you’re thinking seriously to improve your body and health at the same time and to have a slimmer figure, the best thing you can do is work at it daily with patience and discipline.

Why should you reduce weight?
Weight loss should not be all about improving your appearance. Weight loss is about changing every aspect of your life. You will be making a huge difference in the way you feel in society, in the things you can do with your family and I your social life.

By reducing weight you will decrease the risk of two leading causes of death: ischemic heart disease and cancer. You will be more active and peripatetic in your life. You will be visiting people, going out, hanging out with your family and playing sports. Your social circle is likely to increase within a year and depression and anxiety will run far away from you.

How to lose weight permanently?
This is a big question because losing weight for a couple of months is not a problem. You stop eating today and you will weight 8 pound less in 4 days. The key to long term weight loss is not about eating less, it comes to eating properly, which for many people is a problem due to the hurried lifestyle.

Scientists have shown that it is the only way to ensure a healthy body. Making weight loss or green tea a part of your life is a very good option to ensure long term weight loss. Like other types of tea it has a thermo genic effect, which results in an acceleration of metabolism. This phenomenon results in burning of fats and active lifestyle. Once you are active you will just keep on burning extra fats on your body. Losing even small amounts will mean you have greater energy levels to participate more readily and with greater exertion in even more healthy activities.

Weight loss myths and stories

dont starve yourself

Losing weight is not something to be taken lightly. It just doesn’t happen out of the blue. It requires a proper routine, patience, perseverance, determination, motivation and endurance. It’s no wonder then that most people tend to research about the exercise routines or dietary plans that will most suit them. However, a lot of people tend to make their decisions based on what they (along with most other people) perceive to be true but is actually a myth. Some of the myths that have plagued the weight loss world fooling people for years have been unearthed below:

Weight can be lost, regardless of what one eats
This actually depends. In order to lose weight, a person needs to burn more calories than he consumes. If according to a vigorous exercise routine it is possible for someone to burn off the calories from a large slice of chocolate cake, then by all means continue to eat it. A better idea though, is to limit one self’s sweet-tooth portions to a small amount and engage in a balanced amount of physical activity.

Low-fat/nonfat foods contain no calories
This is not true. Although the low-fat/nonfat versions may contain less calories as compared to the normal version of the same product, in most cases of processed foods the calories actually may be greater. This is because they may have extra sugar, flour, or starch thickeners added to them to boost flavor after the fat has been removed.

Eat three times a day and refrain from snacking
This depends on the calorie intake. It doesn’t matter if a person eats three times a day or five, as long as the calorie intake in both cases is the same. It is usually better to have three full meals because it helps structure a daily eating routine so that a person does not get too hungry. Snacking in between is allowed as long as the person counts the calories being consumed and makes sure he/she does not exceed the limit set.

Don’t eat at night
Many people believe that eating at night can lead to a greater weight gain. This is not true. Again, it all depends on the calorie intake. It doesn’t matter what time it is when a person eats, but on the amount of calories being ingested at that time.

Skipping meals boosts weight loss
This is absolutely incorrect. In fact, studies have shown that those people who skip breakfast, and have fewer meals during the day, are actually heavier than those who don’t. Skipping a meal causes a person to binge on the next one. Having breakfast and proper meals controls ones appetite.

Weight loss for the lazy…LOL

easy weight loss excercises

In the present era, looking good can make a world of difference to an individual’s confidence. Everyone wants to be as attractive as they can possibly be and show-off their beauty. Unfortunately for those people who are carrying a few extra pounds, this way of thinking and behaving poses a serious problem. The kind of lifestyle that these people follow (such as being couch potatoes, cringing from doing any form of physical labor, and eating incessant amounts of junk food) all adds to those ‘love handles’, pot bellies, and jelly arms, which are socially unacceptable. Fortunately, there is an easy fix. Incorporating the following tips in one’s daily exercise routine will help even the laziest of the lot drop those extra pounds.

Stand more often
This might prove to be a challenge initially, especially if one is more prone to lying or sitting around. But it’s a good idea to replace sitting/laying down with standing, in day to day activities such as talking on the phone. A person could use a headset while talking on the phone, so that he is able to walk around freely during long conversations.

Get a dog
Having a dog around to walk and chase after is the perfect way to engage in physical activity. Not only is it fun, but it doesn’t even feel like exercise! For better results, get a puppy. They tend to be more active and harder to chase.

Use the television
The dreaded picture box has been blamed by many to be the cause of the lazy lifestyle that people follow today. A lifestyle that has in fact, resulted in less physical activity and more junk food munching. However, if used intelligently, it might even contribute to a person’s weight loss. Why not work out while watching TV? Run on the treadmill, use hand weights, or even do sit-ups while the telly is on. Also, one could avoid the remote and get off the couch to change the channel or increase the volume.

Start small
Losing weight doesn’t mean one has to become a bodybuilder and start exercising from morning to night. (In fact, not even bodybuilders do that!) Instead, start small and work yourself up as the situation demands it. Exercises such as walking, running, swimming, bicycling, skipping, boxing or even a few jumping jacks can make quite a lot of difference. Once a proper routine is set, one can start experimenting with the time put in as well pushing himself to go further.

Weight Loss alternatives

weight loss with hypnotherapy

Losing weight has never been an easy task. Especially for someone who enjoys eating and sitting around watching television, the first half of the weight-losing process can be extreme torture. The person has to remain committed throughout, and this is easier said than done. Those who have gone through the exhaustive process will be able to testify to the fact that quitting during this ‘inhumane’ process was something they probably thought about 90% of the time. But they still got through it. However, there are others who aren’t so willing to make it to the very end, those who cannot endure the physical or the mental endurance required by a natural weight loss program. In the case of such people, despite their minds being committed to the grueling process, their body is unable to follow suit. They thus have to resort to other more artificial methods of dropping those cumbersome extra pounds.

Using plastic surgery
For those who are unable to move their body to lose those pounds, plastic surgery may be a better option. There are many weight losing procedures that can be implemented, such as a tummy tuck or a liposuction. There are also noninvasive techniques, such as mesotherapy. The advantage of this technique is that results can be seen from as little as one session, and after a certain recovery/healing process, one is back on his feet. However, the disadvantage here is in the case where it might actually take more than one session to achieve the type of body required. It may also result in a ‘botched-up’ surgery, with the end result looking too fake and unrealistic. Lastly, this option is only available to a lucky few who can afford the high costs.

Using weight loss pills
Another, more cheaper option that can be explored is the taking of weight loss pills. These pills can aid in effective weight loss, if they are taken regularly and in accordance with the prescribed specifications. The problem here arises when one has to choose the right weight loss pills that will suit his body type. It is not just price that must be considered. Things like ingredients and customer testimonials also play an important role. These factors help the interested customer determine the value of the pills being taken. A major disadvantage; however, could be undesirable side effects incurred from low quality pills. Or in some cases, the pills may not even work at all. All these factors must therefore be considered before this option is chosen. Read a great post on top ten diet pills It has a great list of ten diet pills that are natural and are proven fat burners or appetite suppressant.

How NOT to lose weight – Incorrect health program

hungry bad way to lose weight

Over the past decade, significant importance has shifted towards weight control and the effects that it tends to exhibit in the lives of human beings. With this shift, comes increased awareness among the masses about how dangerous being overweight actually is. With 70 percent of the US population suffering from obesity, several misleading adverts and offers have been launched in the media in order to make the most of the opportunity in terms of money generation.

These adverts basically tend to misguide the obese population into believing that they can lose weight without exercising or effort. This unfortunately is not true and many people end up losing their money for absolutely nothing. Here are a few gadgets to be kept in mind that absolutely don’t help in losing weight:

Electronic belts
These belts promise guaranteed loss of weight in a matter of weeks by just wearing them. These are electronic belts and work via electricity. They use electricity to vibrate. Hence, create heat which is then believed to burn down the body fat and reduce weight. These can be effective to a certain degree but after a weight loss of around 5-10 kilos, they stop having any effect on the person whatsoever as all the weight that they were capable of reducing is reduced and there is not much of water fat that remains which can be burnt.

Weight-loss sole (so-lay)
Placed inside the shoes one is wearing, these soles are believed to help a person lose weight and stay in shape. They are also claimed to help one improve his brain activity. However, eight out of ten times the consumer denies any possible effect on use of these soles. Thus, it is pretty much safe to conclude that those who believed that these soles helped them lose weight might have actually lost weight because of this particular mindset. After all, one’s psyche does play a very important role in the body’s reaction.

Weight-loss pills
Bought for the right body and from the right producer, these pills are known to help lose weight. The pills however have been successful in a few situations but then the majority of times have left individuals with side effects such as headaches and body pains or even bad stomachs.

Watch out for these fake products as they tend to do more harm than good. The best way to lose weight is to keep it simple and to keep it natural.

Tips to sticking to your weight loss regime

dieting and weight lose

Everyone wants to lose weight to be fit and look fabulous.  Unfortunately though, not everyone is successful in their attempts. This is because losing weight requires a certain amount of perseverance and willpower. Some potential weight losers just don’t make the cut. Their bodies are unable to endure the physical pain and mental torture that a weight loss routine demands. Especially for those who rely primarily on exercise to bring about results, a large amount of motivation is required. Luckily enough, there are certain steps that people can take, which may allow him to stick to his routine till the very end and develop the required mind set.

Make a plan
The first thing that should be done before starting any exercise routine is to set achievable goals that one wishes to accomplish. These could include reaching a certain target weight, fitting into a favorite pair of jeans or even getting rid of that unattractive belly flab.

Don’t think too much
It may seem hard to think about reaching the preset target weight. It might even seem impossible. But thinking about the unlikelihood of the future will only act as a demotivate. The best thing to do is to get started and not think too much about the end result (although it does help to keep it in mind to a certain degree). Take every day as it comes. It’s best not to look too much into the future.

Choose a buddy
Trying to do anything alone is always a challenge. It’s a good idea to select a reliable friend who might also have the same goals, so that notes can be compared, problems can be discussed, and solutions can be reached. It might even be good to have a little healthy competition. Even if the friend is not partaking in the weight loss, he can still provide necessary feedback, act as a motivator, and provide relevant guidance whenever one might feel like giving up.

Stick to easy workouts
Try not to take on too much. The body can only endure so much exertion. Pushing it too far too fast can have detrimental effects, both physically and mentally. It can also discourage a person from keeping to the routine as it may seem too tiring and too tedious. Stick to shorter, simpler exercises that allow the body plenty of time to recover before the next work out session. Initially, around 10-20 minute workout sessions done three times a week is sufficient.  Increase the complexity and timing of the routines as time progresses.

Being healthier and keeeping it that way

lose weight quickly

Being overweight is not just a coincidence. After all you were not born with 90 kg of bones and flesh. You have gained all your weight due to poor food selection and a sedentary life style. Each kilogram has a story. Pregnancy, worries and depression, too much work, illnesses and many other things lead us to the bad eating habits that causes weight gain. Combined with the feeling of guilt, it then turns out to be the biggest dilemma of your life. If you are carrying 10kg in extra weight you will have a totally different life. It will be hard for you to give a hundred percent at your work and to your family. Moving around in society will not only be difficult but embarrassing as well on many occasions. Your favorite dresses would not fit you anymore and your friends could make fun of your protruding belly all the time.

It is understandable that you will be looking for ways to lose weight in this time of distress. One option could be fasting for several weeks to torch the extra fats from your body. Working out in gym and running in a park are two activities that are popular with people who have a fear of getting fat. Many people successfully reduce their body weight to normal limits but unfortunately, the yoyo effect of weight loss diets is very common.

Weight regain: The biggest dilemma
It is now an established fact that a restrictive diet is never effective for maintaining weight loss. In short, when we relax a little bit, have some other engagements, or get tired of a strict dieting plan, we regain weight pretty rapidly. It is necessary to reconsider our eating habits and change to healthy options that can keep throughout our lives. A good weight loss diet is one that you can continue for several months or even years. A good diet does not offend you and does not deprive your body of the essential nutrients.

New look at vitamins and minerals
According to recent studies, supplements of vitamins and minerals can promote weight control and appetite. Indeed, it seems that the brain misinterprets the lack of calcium, vitamins and minerals as a hunger signal. So, in this situation we end up eating more. This shows the importance of having minerals and vitamins in our diet. A weight loss diet should have all these essential elements in it or otherwise sticking to such a diet will become impossible. Regaining the weight becomes inevitable in such situations.

Making Weight Loss Easy

To perform well in any activity in life, one must be able to enjoy it, and agree with its philosophy. In order to enjoy an activity thoroughly, an individual must be healthy and in a good shape. The same philosophy initially discussed applies to weight loss. It is important to accept the idea of losing weight wholeheartedly and to make it an enjoyable and uplifting experience, for the effects to be long lasting.

It’s all about problem solving
Research has indicated that solution building techniques are often easier to apply in our lives compared to problem focused approaches. For example, someone wishes to lose twenty pounds. Using solution building techniques, he can set losing twenty pounds as his final target. Then he would divide his distance from that target into ten steps and define each step. So the first step can be as easy as, for instance, using stairs instead of the elevator. The next step could be joining a gym. In this manner, the focus is on one step at a time, and he will feel a sense of accomplishment upon completing each step, rather than getting intimidated and overwhelmed by thinking about his final target.

While taking each step, it is important to understand that one does not have to hurry. Each step should sink in and become part of routine before the next step is taken, and that takes time! Also one needs to give oneself breathing space at each step. One can focus on having small portions of favorite foods rather than cutting them off altogether. This boosts the motivation to continue. Further motivation can also be achieved by giving rewards to oneself every time that a target is met. This allows for an encouragement and a lack of boredom while going about the entire process.

Finally, being over critical can be very disheartening. Hence, one must learn to be happy about his efforts to make weight loss a welcome experience. Remember, temporary setbacks are bound to happen but that should not be a reason to give up the concept of weight loss. Remember, weight loss is all about determination and willpower.

How to stay motivated
Losing weight can be a slow process especially if you aim to achieve a body fat percentage of less than 10; under which your abs would be visible. An easy way to stay motivated is by having monthly goals and measuring yourself after months, and not weeks.