Tips to sticking to your weight loss regime

dieting and weight lose

Everyone wants to lose weight to be fit and look fabulous.  Unfortunately though, not everyone is successful in their attempts. This is because losing weight requires a certain amount of perseverance and willpower. Some potential weight losers just don’t make the cut. Their bodies are unable to endure the physical pain and mental torture that a weight loss routine demands. Especially for those who rely primarily on exercise to bring about results, a large amount of motivation is required. Luckily enough, there are certain steps that people can take, which may allow him to stick to his routine till the very end and develop the required mind set.

Make a plan
The first thing that should be done before starting any exercise routine is to set achievable goals that one wishes to accomplish. These could include reaching a certain target weight, fitting into a favorite pair of jeans or even getting rid of that unattractive belly flab.

Don’t think too much
It may seem hard to think about reaching the preset target weight. It might even seem impossible. But thinking about the unlikelihood of the future will only act as a demotivate. The best thing to do is to get started and not think too much about the end result (although it does help to keep it in mind to a certain degree). Take every day as it comes. It’s best not to look too much into the future.

Choose a buddy
Trying to do anything alone is always a challenge. It’s a good idea to select a reliable friend who might also have the same goals, so that notes can be compared, problems can be discussed, and solutions can be reached. It might even be good to have a little healthy competition. Even if the friend is not partaking in the weight loss, he can still provide necessary feedback, act as a motivator, and provide relevant guidance whenever one might feel like giving up.

Stick to easy workouts
Try not to take on too much. The body can only endure so much exertion. Pushing it too far too fast can have detrimental effects, both physically and mentally. It can also discourage a person from keeping to the routine as it may seem too tiring and too tedious. Stick to shorter, simpler exercises that allow the body plenty of time to recover before the next work out session. Initially, around 10-20 minute workout sessions done three times a week is sufficient.  Increase the complexity and timing of the routines as time progresses.