Being healthier and keeeping it that way

lose weight quickly

Being overweight is not just a coincidence. After all you were not born with 90 kg of bones and flesh. You have gained all your weight due to poor food selection and a sedentary life style. Each kilogram has a story. Pregnancy, worries and depression, too much work, illnesses and many other things lead us to the bad eating habits that causes weight gain. Combined with the feeling of guilt, it then turns out to be the biggest dilemma of your life. If you are carrying 10kg in extra weight you will have a totally different life. It will be hard for you to give a hundred percent at your work and to your family. Moving around in society will not only be difficult but embarrassing as well on many occasions. Your favorite dresses would not fit you anymore and your friends could make fun of your protruding belly all the time.

It is understandable that you will be looking for ways to lose weight in this time of distress. One option could be fasting for several weeks to torch the extra fats from your body. Working out in gym and running in a park are two activities that are popular with people who have a fear of getting fat. Many people successfully reduce their body weight to normal limits but unfortunately, the yoyo effect of weight loss diets is very common.

Weight regain: The biggest dilemma
It is now an established fact that a restrictive diet is never effective for maintaining weight loss. In short, when we relax a little bit, have some other engagements, or get tired of a strict dieting plan, we regain weight pretty rapidly. It is necessary to reconsider our eating habits and change to healthy options that can keep throughout our lives. A good weight loss diet is one that you can continue for several months or even years. A good diet does not offend you and does not deprive your body of the essential nutrients.

New look at vitamins and minerals
According to recent studies, supplements of vitamins and minerals can promote weight control and appetite. Indeed, it seems that the brain misinterprets the lack of calcium, vitamins and minerals as a hunger signal. So, in this situation we end up eating more. This shows the importance of having minerals and vitamins in our diet. A weight loss diet should have all these essential elements in it or otherwise sticking to such a diet will become impossible. Regaining the weight becomes inevitable in such situations.