How NOT to lose weight – Incorrect health program

hungry bad way to lose weight

Over the past decade, significant importance has shifted towards weight control and the effects that it tends to exhibit in the lives of human beings. With this shift, comes increased awareness among the masses about how dangerous being overweight actually is. With 70 percent of the US population suffering from obesity, several misleading adverts and offers have been launched in the media in order to make the most of the opportunity in terms of money generation.

These adverts basically tend to misguide the obese population into believing that they can lose weight without exercising or effort. This unfortunately is not true and many people end up losing their money for absolutely nothing. Here are a few gadgets to be kept in mind that absolutely don’t help in losing weight:

Electronic belts
These belts promise guaranteed loss of weight in a matter of weeks by just wearing them. These are electronic belts and work via electricity. They use electricity to vibrate. Hence, create heat which is then believed to burn down the body fat and reduce weight. These can be effective to a certain degree but after a weight loss of around 5-10 kilos, they stop having any effect on the person whatsoever as all the weight that they were capable of reducing is reduced and there is not much of water fat that remains which can be burnt.

Weight-loss sole (so-lay)
Placed inside the shoes one is wearing, these soles are believed to help a person lose weight and stay in shape. They are also claimed to help one improve his brain activity. However, eight out of ten times the consumer denies any possible effect on use of these soles. Thus, it is pretty much safe to conclude that those who believed that these soles helped them lose weight might have actually lost weight because of this particular mindset. After all, one’s psyche does play a very important role in the body’s reaction.

Weight-loss pills
Bought for the right body and from the right producer, these pills are known to help lose weight. The pills however have been successful in a few situations but then the majority of times have left individuals with side effects such as headaches and body pains or even bad stomachs.

Watch out for these fake products as they tend to do more harm than good. The best way to lose weight is to keep it simple and to keep it natural.