Maintaing your body to fitness is a life long journey/commitment

motivated during weight lose

People often fall into the temptation to use fast weight loss diets. They believe that they can just fast for a few weeks to achieve that sexy figure and can keep it throughout their life. The reality is quite different as most of the times quick weight loss results in decreased muscle mass instead of fats and once you stop your weight loss diet the weight returns. There is no way that your body can become the perfect shape with some sort of magic diet. If you’re thinking seriously to improve your body and health at the same time and to have a slimmer figure, the best thing you can do is work at it daily with patience and discipline.

Why should you reduce weight?
Weight loss should not be all about improving your appearance. Weight loss is about changing every aspect of your life. You will be making a huge difference in the way you feel in society, in the things you can do with your family and I your social life.

By reducing weight you will decrease the risk of two leading causes of death: ischemic heart disease and cancer. You will be more active and peripatetic in your life. You will be visiting people, going out, hanging out with your family and playing sports. Your social circle is likely to increase within a year and depression and anxiety will run far away from you.

How to lose weight permanently?
This is a big question because losing weight for a couple of months is not a problem. You stop eating today and you will weight 8 pound less in 4 days. The key to long term weight loss is not about eating less, it comes to eating properly, which for many people is a problem due to the hurried lifestyle.

Scientists have shown that it is the only way to ensure a healthy body. Making weight loss or green tea a part of your life is a very good option to ensure long term weight loss. Like other types of tea it has a thermo genic effect, which results in an acceleration of metabolism. This phenomenon results in burning of fats and active lifestyle. Once you are active you will just keep on burning extra fats on your body. Losing even small amounts will mean you have greater energy levels to participate more readily and with greater exertion in even more healthy activities.