Making Weight Loss Easy

To perform well in any activity in life, one must be able to enjoy it, and agree with its philosophy. In order to enjoy an activity thoroughly, an individual must be healthy and in a good shape. The same philosophy initially discussed applies to weight loss. It is important to accept the idea of losing weight wholeheartedly and to make it an enjoyable and uplifting experience, for the effects to be long lasting.

It’s all about problem solving
Research has indicated that solution building techniques are often easier to apply in our lives compared to problem focused approaches. For example, someone wishes to lose twenty pounds. Using solution building techniques, he can set losing twenty pounds as his final target. Then he would divide his distance from that target into ten steps and define each step. So the first step can be as easy as, for instance, using stairs instead of the elevator. The next step could be joining a gym. In this manner, the focus is on one step at a time, and he will feel a sense of accomplishment upon completing each step, rather than getting intimidated and overwhelmed by thinking about his final target.

While taking each step, it is important to understand that one does not have to hurry. Each step should sink in and become part of routine before the next step is taken, and that takes time! Also one needs to give oneself breathing space at each step. One can focus on having small portions of favorite foods rather than cutting them off altogether. This boosts the motivation to continue. Further motivation can also be achieved by giving rewards to oneself every time that a target is met. This allows for an encouragement and a lack of boredom while going about the entire process.

Finally, being over critical can be very disheartening. Hence, one must learn to be happy about his efforts to make weight loss a welcome experience. Remember, temporary setbacks are bound to happen but that should not be a reason to give up the concept of weight loss. Remember, weight loss is all about determination and willpower.

How to stay motivated
Losing weight can be a slow process especially if you aim to achieve a body fat percentage of less than 10; under which your abs would be visible. An easy way to stay motivated is by having monthly goals and measuring yourself after months, and not weeks.