Weight loss for the lazy…LOL

easy weight loss excercises

In the present era, looking good can make a world of difference to an individual’s confidence. Everyone wants to be as attractive as they can possibly be and show-off their beauty. Unfortunately for those people who are carrying a few extra pounds, this way of thinking and behaving poses a serious problem. The kind of lifestyle that these people follow (such as being couch potatoes, cringing from doing any form of physical labor, and eating incessant amounts of junk food) all adds to those ‘love handles’, pot bellies, and jelly arms, which are socially unacceptable. Fortunately, there is an easy fix. Incorporating the following tips in one’s daily exercise routine will help even the laziest of the lot drop those extra pounds.

Stand more often
This might prove to be a challenge initially, especially if one is more prone to lying or sitting around. But it’s a good idea to replace sitting/laying down with standing, in day to day activities such as talking on the phone. A person could use a headset while talking on the phone, so that he is able to walk around freely during long conversations.

Get a dog
Having a dog around to walk and chase after is the perfect way to engage in physical activity. Not only is it fun, but it doesn’t even feel like exercise! For better results, get a puppy. They tend to be more active and harder to chase.

Use the television
The dreaded picture box has been blamed by many to be the cause of the lazy lifestyle that people follow today. A lifestyle that has in fact, resulted in less physical activity and more junk food munching. However, if used intelligently, it might even contribute to a person’s weight loss. Why not work out while watching TV? Run on the treadmill, use hand weights, or even do sit-ups while the telly is on. Also, one could avoid the remote and get off the couch to change the channel or increase the volume.

Start small
Losing weight doesn’t mean one has to become a bodybuilder and start exercising from morning to night. (In fact, not even bodybuilders do that!) Instead, start small and work yourself up as the situation demands it. Exercises such as walking, running, swimming, bicycling, skipping, boxing or even a few jumping jacks can make quite a lot of difference. Once a proper routine is set, one can start experimenting with the time put in as well pushing himself to go further.