Why diet?

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This is a question which more people have been asking over the past several years. The reason for its popularity lies in the rising awareness among individuals about the health problems associated with obesity and being overweight. People usually question the benefits of dieting and whether it is actually more beneficial than methods such as exercising, surgeries and medication for weight loss. All the above mentioned methods are known to help the weight-loss process but the question that is raised here is whether dieting is better than the others. Let’s just compare all the methodologies used in weight-loss.

Dieting is the process where an individual cuts down on his calorie intake in order to reach their target weight and also to lose extra body fat. The advantage of dieting is that it is a natural method and has absolutely no side effects if it is done safely and properly. The disadvantages of dieting would be the fact that it is a time consuming method and changes are observed only after weeks and months of dieting.

Any kind of activity that causes physical exertion on one’s body can be termed as exercise; it can be anything from playing sports to dancing or working. Exercise doesn’t require too much planning neither does it require much discipline. The advantages of exercising for weight loss can be that it is an economical method, doesn’t require much planning and is easily executable. The disadvantage is that it requires a person to be fairly physically healthy and cannot be performed by individuals who are old or handicapped.

Doctors and surgeons usually perform weight-reduction surgeries only on those patients who have a B.M.I above 30. In such cases, the patients are suffering from extreme obesity which poses a threat to their health. The advantage of surgery is that it is extremely effective in terms of weight-reduction; however it does have severe side effects and pose a risk to health.

Medication for weight loss is a high risk way to lose weight as many pills sold are not regulated or approved by the proper authorities.

The best method to go about for weight-loss is dieting with exercising at the same time as the combo of the two has the ability to speed up the process. Undergoing a proper diet, along with following a well designed workout plan, can assist an individual lose weight fast and also acquire a well toned body.